The Greater Etowah 310 Board offers Case Management Services
to Medicaid qualified individuals within Etowah County. Our Case
Managers spend time working with the person to make sure that his
or her individualized plan is addressed as written and they look to
protect, assist, and serve as an advocate for the individual. Our
Case Managers ensure that all Medicaid ID and LAH Waiver
information is accurate. Greater Etowah's Case Managers keep
up-to-date records in order to provide the highest quality of services
to those we serve.  Greater Etowah's Case Managers are able,
willing, and ready to serve.
Greater Etowah's Case Managers
Greater Etowah 310 Board
Working with the individual,
for the individual.
Case Management
Bell Hamiter  256.546.6009 ext. 114

Su Nichols (CM Supervisor) 256.546.6009 ext. 115